5 Tips for Traveling While Pregnant

Normally it’s not recommended to travel when your baby is near the due date because sometimes your baby can come prematurely. There have been ridiculous stories about babies being delivered in restaurants and even in public washrooms. Minimize your risks by staying home so you are close to a local hospital. But if you still insist on travelling while pregnant then here are 5 tips you can use.

Eat Healthy


It’s important to eat healthy, especially if you are out of your home country. This is because you never know what foreign foods contain bacteria that can be harmful to your baby. Try eating foods you are familiar with so you know what’s in it. Always be cautious because you would rather be safe than sorry.

Get What You Need


As a pregnant you have the right to get what you need. If you aren’t feeling comfortable in the plane then you should let the air attendants know. Ask for some more pillows or some help with the luggage. Whatever you need, ask. It’s better that you get help then not get help at all.

Dress Comfortably


Being pregnant is already very uncomfortable because you are carrying a bowling ball for 9 months. However, it can be even worse if you are traveling pregnant and at the same time, unequipped properly. If the destination you are traveling to is a hot place then you need to bring some clothing that won’t trap your body heat. Make sure to also pack so sweaters and jackets if your home country is cold.

Stay Safe


This is probably the most important tip. There is no point of having a baby if you aren’t safe. Make sure the country you go to is safe. Not only that but when you are in a country follow all safety precautions, for example, a ride at an amusement park. Also make sure you keep yourself illness free by constantly washing your hand

Travel By Cruise 


When you’re near your due date then traveling by plane can be really dangerous. This is because once your water breaks you are stuck on the plane and forced to deliver on the plane. However, traveling by cruise will offer so much more space to deliver if it does happen. But if worse come to worse, the crew can get a helicopter for you.

5 Ways to Get Your Child to Drink More Water

Water is a very essential thing for a child’s health. Especially since they are growing and most of them tend to be very active so it’s important that you keep your kids hydrated. Here are some great ways to get your child to drink more water.

Use a cool cup


Children love it when they are fascinated by things. To get your child to drink more water, use a cup that they find interesting and admire. This will automatically make then thirst for water in the cup.

Tell them the benefits


We all know that it is extremely easy to influence kids. It’s easy to manipulate as well because they believe and listen to whatever we say. Tell your child what the benefits of drinking water. For example “the more water you drink the long you will live”. This will surely get your child sipping on water.

Flavor It


Sometimes we adults and children don’t prefer to drink water because it’s flavorless. So to fix this conflict, add some fruits into your water. This will not only make your water healthier, the water will taste better for your children to drink. What’s better than a win win situation?

Create Fun


A good way to get your children drink water is to create fun into. For example you can make a challenge of who can finish a cup of water first. Then the winner gets a prize. Or you can create funny shapes when freezing water.

Explain The Pee Test


Let your children know that the amount of water they drink corresponds to the color of their pee.” The whiter your pee is the cleaner and less stinky it is. Drink lots of water will help you create white or clear pee.” This is what you need to tell your child.


Top Most Popular Girls Names of 2016


There’s a lot of pressure around picking your baby’s name and I mean how could you not feel the pressure when your baby will be carrying that name for the rest of their lives. For some parents, it comes naturally where they hear a name and they fall in love with it and for some other parents they go back and forth arguing on a name because they can’t agree on one that they both like. Hopefully this list will help you out with picking your precious baby’s name. With that being said, here are the most popular girl names of 2016.

  1. Emma
  2. Olivia
  3. Ava
  4. Sophia
  5. Mia
  6. Isabella
  7. Charlotte
  8. Harper
  9. Amelia
  10. Abigail
  11. Emily
  12. Madison
  13. Lily
  14. Ella
  15. Avery
  16. Evelyn
  17. Sofia
  18. Aria
  19. Chloe
  20. Riley
  21. Ellie
  22. Scarlett
  23. Elizabeth
  24. Aubrey
  25. Addison
  26. Layla
  27. Grace
  28. Zoey
  29. Hannah
  30. Zoe
  31. Mila
  32. Brooklyn
  33. Victoria
  34. Nora
  35. Lucy
  36. Natalie
  37. Audrey
  38. Penelope
  39. Claire
  40. Skylar
  41. Stella
  42. Savannah
  43. Lillian
  44. Violet
  45. Eva
  46. Leah
  47. Alice
  48. Maya
  49. Aurora
  50. Anna

Top Most Popular Boy Names of 2016


There’s a lot of pressure around picking your baby’s name and I mean how could you not feel the pressure when your baby will be carrying that name for the rest of their lives. For some parents, it comes naturally where they hear a name and they fall in love with it and for some other parents they go back and forth arguing on a name because they can’t agree on one that they both like. Hopefully this list will help you out with picking your precious baby’s name. With that being said, here are the most popular boy names of 2016.

  1. Liam
  2. Noah
  3. Ethan
  4. Lucas
  5. Mason
  6. Oliver
  7. Aiden
  8. Elijah
  9. James
  10. Benjamin
  11. Logan
  12. Jacob
  13. Jackson
  14. Michael
  15. Alexander
  16. Luke
  17. Carter
  18. Jack
  19. Owen
  20. William
  21. Daniel
  22. Gabriel
  23. Henry
  24. Matthew
  25. Wyatt
  26. Sebastian
  27. Nathan
  28. Ryan
  29. Grayson
  30. Isaac
  31. Caleb
  32. Jayden
  33. Levi
  34. David
  35. Eli
  36. Dylan
  37. Jaxon
  38. Samuel
  39. Andrew
  40. Julian
  41. Lincoln
  42. Hunter
  43. Connor
  44. Joseph
  45. Joshua
  46. Leo
  47. Cameron
  48. Adam
  49. Anthony
  50. John

5 Tips to Deal With Miscarriage

Experiencing a miscarriage is absolutely tragic and devastating. It’s saddening and many people are affected for a long time as it leaves a magnificent pain in their heart. In fact, sometimes people can never get over the fact that they had a miscarriage but we have to manage ourselves to cope with it.

Take good care of yourself


Don’t let your emotions get the best of you. Don’t let it become a factor that contributes to damaging your health. Do things that make you happy which includes exercising, doing hobbies, eating healthy, talking to people etc.

Be grateful


If you have a loving supportive husband, be grateful of that. Think of all the things how he makes your life so much better. If you have a child already, focus on them and be grateful that at least you have a kid. It’s imperative to think positively.

Stop thinking about it


If you’re someone who gets negatively affected when thinking about the fact how you miscarried, it’s time for you to let it go. Stop thinking about the past and just focus on the present because you can’t change something that already happened.



Never be afraid to communicate with other people like your friends and family about your miscarriage. The worst thing you can do is to bottle up all your feelings and keep them to yourself. Express yourself, and let all the negative feelings that eat you inside out.

Get support


About 1 out of every 6 women will experience miscarriage. You aren’t the only person that suffers through this tragedy so think about that and acquire support from loved ones. These are the people that can make us happier and feel better.  

5 Things Parents Do That Cause Their Children to Secretly Cry

As a parent it’s very heartbreaking to know that you caused your children to cry. Sometimes our life just gets so busy we forget that our children can feel emotions. Here are 5 things parents do that cause their children to secretly cry.

You Allow Them to See Disturbing News


Children are the most innocent and purest beings on this earth. Any traumatizing events you show them can really put the scare to them. For example, if you show them that a there is a tornado warning near your area then you will make them frightened at night when they are sleeping. When children are frightened they cry and cry until they fall asleep.

You Argue With Your Spouse


Every child wants to be a part of a perfect family where everyone is happy. If your child is constantly seeing you and your spouse fight then you are destroying their dreams. You and your spouse will literally show them that the family is being ripped apart by the two of you. At night they will secretly cry because you and your spouse is too busy arguing with each other instead of paying attention to your child.

You and Your Spouse Divorce Each Other


This is even worse than arguing with your spouse. When you divorce your spouse you end the dreams of your child. The perfect family that he/she had is now completely gone. A divorce forces your child to come out of their childhood. There are some divorces that need to happen but most of the time it’s not worth it because you’ll make you child upset for the years to come.

You Physically Abuse Your Children


Under no circumstances should a child ever be hit. I guarantee that when you hit a child they will cry immediately but they will also cry secretly. This is because when you hit a child you will confuse them and they will wonder why they deserve to be hit. You will teach them that violence is the best solution which isn’t true at all.

You Verbally Harass Your Children


They say sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me. This is quote is completely false because words do hurt. That’s the reason why there is something called verbal bullying. When you call your kids insulting names right in front of them, you are telling them that you are disappointed in them. They will think they are a failure and will end up secretly crying.

5 Most Common Myths About Conceiving

Conceiving, conceiving is something all couples want, whether it’s now or in the future. There has been a huge misunderstanding about conceiving. Everyone thinks it’s just about having a baby but, there is more to that especially if a couple has trouble conceiving. Here are 5 myths about conceiving.

Having Sex Everyday Will Increase the Chance of Pregnancy


This isn’t true at all. In order for a woman to become pregnant her egg must be waiting for sperm inside her body. If the couple is too late then her eggs will turn into blood hence a period. Couples must time their sex along with the woman’s ovulation in order to boost the chances of pregnancy.

You’ll Conceive If You Stop Worrying


You can worry as much as you want or not worry at all. Either way, you will conceive the same. There is no connection to stress and conceiving. Yes stress can affect your health but it won’t reduce your chances of getting pregnant.

Having Sex During The Day Will Allow You To Conceive Faster


There is no difference between having sex in the night compared to having sex in the morning. Either way your chances of conceiving are the same. Also just because you have sex multiple times a day doesn’t mean you’ll get pregnant faster either.

You Can Increase A Man’s Fertility By Putting A Ice Pack On His Junk


It’s true that heat can kill sperm cells. Even the heat from a laptop is enough. Therefore, cooler temperatures allow the man to have a higher sperm count. However, an ice pack is just a stupid way to increase fertility. Wearing loose pants and loose under garments is already enough to cool the temperature down.

Having Sex Early During Ovulation Will Conceive a Boy


It’s evident that a lot of cultures value a baby boy and so couples tend to do everything they can to conceive a boy. Having sex early during ovulation will not increase the chance to conceive a boy. The reason why people believe this is because they say male sperm cells move faster than female sperm cells. Therefore, the male sperm cell gets to the egg faster. However, a study found no difference in male and female sperm cell speed.

5 Typical Fertility Mistakes That Women Make

If you are trying to conceive then it’s absolutely important that you are fertile. However, often times women can and will make mistakes that cause them to be infertile. Here are 5 common fertile mistakes that you should avoid doing if you are trying to conceive.

Not Seeking Treatment


When you are trying to conceive and it doesn’t work after a certain period of time then you should seek treatment. Most couples are too afraid to admit that they are infertile and as a result they end up wasting time to produce a child. The doctor can help you be more fertile so don’t be afraid to get help.

Don’t Miss The Woman’s Fertility Window


When women ovulate they only have 12 to 24 hours to get pregnant before the egg is absorbed back by the body and turned to blood. If you are going to conceive you must track your ovulation to find out the perfect time to have sex. A missed opportunity means that you and your partner will need to wait next month for the next egg.

Don’t Douche


For those who don’t know what douching is, douching is when a woman cleans her vagina internally. When woman douche they change the pH level in their vagina. A normal pH level welcomes sperm and ensures their maximum survivability. A irregular pH level would cause sperm to be in an environment where they die before they reach the egg.

Don’t Have Sex Multiple Times A Day


The more sex you have, the lower the sperm count a man will have. Each time he ejaculates he will release lesser and lesser sperm. This reason for this is because this is a man’s natural body response so that he doesn’t lose all his sperm. Instead of having sex multiple times a day you should have sex every other day to increase the sperm count for each ejaculation.

Don’t Stress


When men and women stress they can mess up their reproductive system. For example, women who stress out would have irregular ovulations and men who stress out would produce less sperm. It’s important for you to relax and just keep going at it. If it’s been a while then you can consider treatment but just make sure you don’t stress.

5 Ways How Pregnancy Can Be Different After Miscarriage

Losing a baby during pregnancy is obviously a hard time to go through. It can impact you for the rest of your life and you will definitely feel different. I’m sure that women who had a miscarriage can agree to this.

Fear of happiness


It will be difficult to enjoy the times of pregnancy when you know that there is a chance that you can possibly experience miscarriage again. You fear of getting happy over the fact of being pregnant because miscarriage can hit you like a truck.

Fear of Attachment


For women who suffered through miscarriage, the next time they are pregnant they will disengage their emotions for the baby. This is because they don’t want to experience the feeling of heartbreak and loss again.



During pregnancy, people usually tell their friends and families about the terrific news. However when a miscarriage occurs, they will have to un-tell everything. Within their next pregnancy, they would now keep it as a secret for a longer time so they won’t make the same mistake again. They won’t be able to share the happy news.



Most women question and judge themselves post miscarriage. They think about the things they could have done that could have prevented the tragic event and will undeniably feel guilty as if it was their fault.


After a miscarriage, women tend to get jealous of other pregnant women especially ones who have gone through several successful pregnancies. They desire for their pregnancy go perfectly fine.

5 Common Factors That Affect Fertility

What makes a woman fertile? What doesn’t make a woman fertile? These are the questions we must ask ourselves if we are planning to conceive. In order to maximize the chances of pregnancy we must be fertile. Here are 5 factors that affect fertility.



Drugs can drastically affect fertility. When a man takes drugs he will significantly decrease his sperm count. The lesser the sperm a man has, the lesser the chances he has to impregnate a woman. Drugs also increase the production of immature sperm. Immature sperm can’t fertilize an egg. As a result a man who does drugs will almost be infertile.



Certain health medications can cause temporary infertility. If you are a victim of chronic diseases then you will probably remain infertile for a long time. This is something you can’t chance because doctors put you on medication for a health specific reason.



If your lifestyle is off track then it can definitely affect your fertility. For example, an overweight woman who doesn’t exercise would have a lower chance of conceiving because her estrogen levels are very high. This can mess with your reproductive system and make you ovulate at random times.



STD’s don’t just affect your health; they also affect your fertility. STD’s can block a woman’s fallopian tubes causing an obstruction when sperm enters the cervix. When the sperm doesn’t meet the egg there can be no baby. Some types of STD’s that affect fertility are: gonorrhea, syphilis, or chlamydia.



Sometimes you can be infertile because of your parents. Genes play a big role when it comes to reproduction. You could be missing a chromosome which allows you to create mature sperm. Or you could be missing a chromosome that allows you to make a lot of sperm. Whichever it is, hereditary infertility is very frustrating.