5 Best Remedies For Your Kids Who Are Sunburnt

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Your child must have been having too much fun outside and he or she lost track of time. Then by the time they came back inside, he or she looks like a fresh tomato. This has probably happened to the majority of us before. When it does, it becomes our responsibility to sooth the burns of our child. However if it’s something that is to severe, go to the pediatrician immediately.    

Aloe Vera


This is the most common method people use to relieve sun burns. They use aloe vera. This plant is responsible for treating and protecting the skin. It’s useful for sunburns because it also speeds the healing and moisturizes your skin. Use aloe vera gel and apply it to your Childs skin.



Surprisingly, honey is an excellent remedy for sunburn. Honey has the ability to repair damaged skin and moisturize as well. It’s a natural antibiotic that might even better better than any antibiotic creams.   



Oatmeal can help you prevent any further irritation from a sun burn and it helps sustain moist skin. That’s what makes oatmeal a source to cure sun burn. Fill a bath tub with oatmeal and water then soak yourself in it.

Cold Water


Take a shower or bath in cold water but not freezing cold. This will help you remove the heat and pain from your sun burn. Avoid making contact with the affected areas and do not apply anybody wash, soap or bath oils on it.

Baking Soda


Baking soda will help you sooth sunburn by reducing itchiness and pain. Create a mixture of water and baking soda in your bath tub then soak yourself with it for approximately 15 minutes.



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