5 Common Factors That Affect Fertility

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What makes a woman fertile? What doesn’t make a woman fertile? These are the questions we must ask ourselves if we are planning to conceive. In order to maximize the chances of pregnancy we must be fertile. Here are 5 factors that affect fertility.



Drugs can drastically affect fertility. When a man takes drugs he will significantly decrease his sperm count. The lesser the sperm a man has, the lesser the chances he has to impregnate a woman. Drugs also increase the production of immature sperm. Immature sperm can’t fertilize an egg. As a result a man who does drugs will almost be infertile.



Certain health medications can cause temporary infertility. If you are a victim of chronic diseases then you will probably remain infertile for a long time. This is something you can’t chance because doctors put you on medication for a health specific reason.



If your lifestyle is off track then it can definitely affect your fertility. For example, an overweight woman who doesn’t exercise would have a lower chance of conceiving because her estrogen levels are very high. This can mess with your reproductive system and make you ovulate at random times.



STD’s don’t just affect your health; they also affect your fertility. STD’s can block a woman’s fallopian tubes causing an obstruction when sperm enters the cervix. When the sperm doesn’t meet the egg there can be no baby. Some types of STD’s that affect fertility are: gonorrhea, syphilis, or chlamydia.



Sometimes you can be infertile because of your parents. Genes play a big role when it comes to reproduction. You could be missing a chromosome which allows you to create mature sperm. Or you could be missing a chromosome that allows you to make a lot of sperm. Whichever it is, hereditary infertility is very frustrating.



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  • Christine Bell says:

    Once you have internal reproductive system functions properly, you can conceive without difficulty.

  • Blake says:

    Im soooo sorry if this is tmi for some ppl but I have a ?. I have a toddler right now & I got pregnant on the 1st try. However ive been ttc since dec 2013 and its now April 2014 & im still not pregnant. I noticed that my menstrual cycle has changed since we started ttc. On jan2014 I got my m/p on the 7th on feb2014 I got it on the 9th on march2014 I got in on the 20th &on April 2014 I didnt have one at all. Took a preg/test & it was negative. My son is now 3 since then I gained weight & im at 208 pounds. I was told that by loosing weight I increased my chances of getting pregnant. I would like to know if my weight plays a huge part in this process? And what about the consistency of my husband’s sperm? & since my m/p are irregular what can I do to increase my chances of becoming pregnant. 

  • Ernest Gonzales says:

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