5 Different Coughs and What They Mean

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A human coughs when his or her tissues reflex and we cough because we have to clear our airways from mucus, particles, and irritants. There are types of coughs that identify what our body is trying to clear. Some of these coughs we have to worry about. Check out what they are.

Asthma Cough


An asthma cough is like a dry cough that leaves a wheezing sound behind it. People with asthma tend to struggle with breathing which is why they cough. Any intense cardio or exercise will also increase the chance of your child coughing.  



The Pneumonia cough starts off as a dry cough but turns into a wet one in which mucus will be released. A few symptoms that your child might show is difficulties in breathing, fever, and shaking chills.



Gastro esophageal reflux disease is a dry cough that is caused because our stomach acid enters in our esophagus. A way to figure out if your child has this cough is when their coughs get worst because they are lying down.

Postnasal Drip


This cough is caused by allergies or a cold where your child constantly has irritation in their throat that forces them to cough. It can be a wet or dry cough. At night time, it can get worst and prevent sleep.



Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is known as a collection of lung disease. To determine if your child has this kind of cough; he or she will usually tend to cough more in the morning. Then, as the day progresses your kid will get better.




  • Kelly Simon says:

    My poor baby boy (22 months) has a croup/barky cough right now.
    I’ve used this video a few times now to help identify his coughs. Very helpful!

  • Becky says:

    well i have a cough and its been with me for 5 weeks now so what happens is i cough then i woop in then i can’t breath and felem comes up its really bad anyone else has that

  • Beverly Bowman says:

    i’ve got a dry cough I think, or wet cough, I don’t know?

  • Ellen G says:

    I cough like every 2 min and it effects my sleeping sometimes it even feels like I’m chocking!!!!???

  • Rosemary Turner says:

    My dad has had a really horrible cough that mainly attacks him at nigh,which he spits out.Also he has trouble swallowing his food and he has been like this for about 5 years

  • Mabel F says:

    I must sit there coulfing for like 12 minute and when that’s over it takes 4 min and it’s back

  • Peter says:

    I have a cough but no throat pain, or fever or any other body pain. Just very itchy throat and dry cough .Its been since 2days. Anyone??

  • Pamela Campbell says:

    my cough is very light and quiet like its not often or does it disrupt my breathing but it feels like whenever im in a cold environment or there’s like a fan on I get this

  • Leslie says:

    Stuff from my nasal passages has gone in my throat and I can’t get rid of it help my cough is so bad

  • Ernest says:

    I was this in the dark then when I heard the croup then I was like NOPE and ran to turn on the light

  • Ismael Roberson says:

    I have a tickle in my chest and throat that just won’t leave. It makes me throat sort of spasm…

  • Kyle F says:

    I have a croup right now

  • Ethel Casey says:


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