5 Facts of Allergies You Might Not Know About

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Allergies are something that’s extremely common for people to have even for children and the most frequent things that cause allergies are dust, pollen, fur or specific foods. You might know this fact already however continue reading the content below as you could learn something new.

Allergies is hereditary


Allergies are passed down through genetics so if you are someone who has allergies, then your child has a high chance of having it. This concludes that you or your spouse is the one to be blamed.

How Food Reactions Occur


Have you wondered you get allergic reactions because of food? Well, the purpose of our body’s immune system is to fend off any types of infections or bacteria that have entered. When we are allergic to a specific food, it’s because our immune system is overacting to something in the food which is usually a type of protein.

Food Allergies


If your child is allergic to a specific food then there’s a probability that he or she might be allergic to other foods. For example since your child is allergic to shrimps, he or she might even be allergic to other seafood’s like crabs and lobsters.

Allergic to Water


This is one of the rarest but worst types of allergies a human can have. We all need water to hydrate ourselves, and to clean ourselves. Unfortunately, there are actually people who are allergic to water. They don’t have the privilege to wash their hands, take a shower, swim, and even drink without getting rashes or esophagus clogs. This allergy is called Aquagenic Urticaria. Your child might not be joking when he or she claims that they are allergic to water.

Pet allergies


No we are not talking about the possibility of you and your child being allergic to dogs and cats. Instead, we are talking about how dogs and cats can actually be allergic to you. It’s rare but what makes them allergic to you is your dander.



  • Delila Frias says:

    Everyone should avoid tree nuts, peanuts, cheese and chocolate. This will leave more for me.

  • Rachele Bunting says:

    I wonder if those assiduously avoiding gluten for no apparent reason are changing anything about their immune system. ??

  • Merideth S says:

    We have to ask ourselves: What do the parents of Thailand and Indonesia do to get their kids off peanuts, and what’s their natural rate of peanut allergy?

  • Cody F says:

    When my niece was born her parents kept her away from peanuts, dairy and shellfish. At 1 they let her have dairy and peanuts but she still stays away from shellfish because her dad is allergic. They’re waiting until she’s a bit older, probably 4, and can tell them if she feels “weird” rather than risking a horrible allergic reaction.

  • Keith Duran says:

    It’s so weird, I’m from Hungary, Yurop. I’ve never met ONE person in my 29 years of life who has peanut allergie. I there a reason for that? or is it similarly rare in the US but the US is just bigger so there are more cases?

  • Margeret R says:

    Can we go back to eating gluten now?

  • Margret Hermann says:

    Peanuts should also be careful, especially walking alone at night. They might be a-salted!

  • Vernia Bernal says:

    The allergies I have seem to develop with more exposure, but those are not food allergies.

  • Dusty says:

    I smothered my son with peanut butter as a child and now he doesn’t have an allergy. Mind you, the dog got overweight and got diabetes because he couldn’t stop licking my son.

  • Minh Connor says:

    I thought that the ‘avoid shellfish while pregnant’ advice was related to shellfish being a potential source of excess heavy metals/pesticides from them being filter feeders rather than for allergy reasons. Much like the ‘avoid X fish from Y lake/sea’ due to high levels of mercury etc.

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