5 Interesting Facts about Pediatricians

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Pediatricians are doctors who specialize in children and curing their illnesses. A majority of people don’t realize the differences from a pediatrician and a practitioner. It’s mainly because pediatricians are one of the newest medical fields that was introduced.


To become a pediatrician, you must spend at least 11 years in school. To sum it all you must go through 4 years of college or university, 4 years of medical school and 3 years of pediatrics school. Yes it takes a tremendously long time to be licensed to this profession.

Number of Patients


As a child gets older it is less frequent for him or her to see a pediatrician. In other words, pediatricians will have fewer patients when their patients start to age.

Prevents Spreads


Since pediatricians are responsible for creating vaccinations for children to become immune to diseases, it also prevents diseases from spreading.



Unlike any other practitioners, a part of a pediatrician’s job is to develop a vaccination that will prevent a child or newborn from catching any diseases.



As time passes, pediatricians grow along with their patients and this is a special part of becoming this type of practitioner. You get to watch kids grow, go through puberty, develop personalities and things like that.



  • Luz Bass says:

    this is my end goal , m.d. and phd in general pediatrics

  • Wallace M says:

    Thanks for good and informative

  • Donald Casey says:

    DR. Noriega was not only my pediatrician, he was my brothers, my daughters father, his 4 sibling and 2 family friends. He IS the most professional, knowledgeable, and caring doctor ever. I was a new mother and became really nervous when it came to my daughters health (still am).

  • Garrett R says:

    Dr. Hanley was exceptional with both of my children who are now 22 and 30. He was always the first visitor in the hospital to see both babies hours after they were born and the first person to call them by their name as in “Where’s Rachael?”. We feel so fortunate for Dr. Hanley’s outstanding care through thick and thin.

  • Gloria says:

    Top notch, dedicated and smart.

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