5 Most Common Myths About Conceiving

Pregnancy Facts

Conceiving, conceiving is something all couples want, whether it’s now or in the future. There has been a huge misunderstanding about conceiving. Everyone thinks it’s just about having a baby but, there is more to that especially if a couple has trouble conceiving. Here are 5 myths about conceiving.

Having Sex Everyday Will Increase the Chance of Pregnancy


This isn’t true at all. In order for a woman to become pregnant her egg must be waiting for sperm inside her body. If the couple is too late then her eggs will turn into blood hence a period. Couples must time their sex along with the woman’s ovulation in order to boost the chances of pregnancy.

You’ll Conceive If You Stop Worrying


You can worry as much as you want or not worry at all. Either way, you will conceive the same. There is no connection to stress and conceiving. Yes stress can affect your health but it won’t reduce your chances of getting pregnant.

Having Sex During The Day Will Allow You To Conceive Faster


There is no difference between having sex in the night compared to having sex in the morning. Either way your chances of conceiving are the same. Also just because you have sex multiple times a day doesn’t mean you’ll get pregnant faster either.

You Can Increase A Man’s Fertility By Putting A Ice Pack On His Junk


It’s true that heat can kill sperm cells. Even the heat from a laptop is enough. Therefore, cooler temperatures allow the man to have a higher sperm count. However, an ice pack is just a stupid way to increase fertility. Wearing loose pants and loose under garments is already enough to cool the temperature down.

Having Sex Early During Ovulation Will Conceive a Boy


It’s evident that a lot of cultures value a baby boy and so couples tend to do everything they can to conceive a boy. Having sex early during ovulation will not increase the chance to conceive a boy. The reason why people believe this is because they say male sperm cells move faster than female sperm cells. Therefore, the male sperm cell gets to the egg faster. However, a study found no difference in male and female sperm cell speed.



  • Florence Christensen says:

    11. you can’t get pregnant if you don’t want to. A friend of mine seriously believes that and uses it to blame people who get pregnant unwantedly :/

  • Ernestine says:

    he different methods for different genders, how effective each is, side effects, and even why people get sterilized in the first place.

  • Alan Patterson says:

    I thought that women couldn’t get pregnant if they were raped. From what I was told, the body has a way of shutting that whole process down. /s

  • Brandi says:

    Please do not tell me that there is someone out there teaching people that “humping is pumping” and that an embryo needs to be fucking inflated. God help me.

  • Ida Bowen says:

    boys cannot have any pregnancy, the fact that someone that is being legally boy was pregnant do not proove anything, he has some sort of medical problems. if i claim i am a alien and us gov says that yeah i am, an i impregnate normal gurl then well, will that means aliens can have babies with humans?

  • Doug Mack says:

    Hey!I’m a really well educated adult woman trying to get pregnant and would love to hear more about that “and if you’re bleeding your not pregnant” part that you mentioned at the beginning. Just because of implantation spotting, decidual bleeding and all the other reasons you might bleed during your first trimester… off i go to click the bottom right annotation box :)

  • Stacy G says:

    How can you get pregnant if you’ve never started your period?

  • Joel Hardy says:

    caffeine actually makes sperm swim more quickly.

  • Ralph K says:

    i thought i was well informed but i didnt now that a woman can be pregnant while having her period.

  • Rex Richards says:

    you are awesome. :3

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