5 Reasons Why Toddlers Are Moody

Childhood Development

Have you ever heard of the terrible two’s? According to a lot of parents, the terrible two’s is when your toddler is hardest to discipline. This is because toddlers at the age of 2 start to have temper tantrums. One minute they are happy and the next they are crying their lungs out. Here are 5 reasons why toddlers are moody.

They Don’t Communicate the Way They Want Too


Toddlers are at that age where they start to learn how to talk. They will often get their words mixed up and as a result they might not communicate the way they intended to. When they can’t get their thoughts through they will start getting frustrated and become very moody.

No Patience


Toddlers do not realize the concept of time. A second and an hour are the same to them. If they ask for something they expect it to be done in a quick second. Failure to do so will result in them crying because they just can’t even wait 3 seconds. Make sure you discipline them to wait because if you don’t, you’ll get a very spoiled toddler.

No Control


Toddlers literally have no control of their emotion. They are still practicing to master each emotion but sometimes they will let an emotion out even if they didn’t want too. This explains why some toddlers cry for no reason.



Toddlers are very self-centred. They want to do anything and everything they please. Just a simple no can put them in tears. You must teach your toddler that they can’t get everything they want because if you don’t they’ll just grow into spoiled brats.

They Are Hungry


It’s not a surprising that toddlers cry when they are hungry, especially if they can’t talk yet. Toddlers have small stomachs and so they can’t store that much food in their bellies. It’s logical that they will get hungry faster because they don’t have food in store. Feed your toddler multiple times a day to please their hunger.



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