5 Reasons Why You Need To Get Your Child To Exercise

Health Care

There is never an age that makes someone too young to exercise. In fact, it’s best for a human to start exercising when they are young so that they can age well and prevent obesity in the future. On top of that, kids who exercise when they are young will learn new skills and have major health benefits.

Improves Social Skills


Studies have proved that kids who start exercising at a young age will have a better social skill. They develop leadership, teamwork and simple interactions with other people. This is extremely beneficial for them later in life as they can use their social skills to acquire jobs or make new friends

Improves Brain


Not only is exercising healthy for us physically but mentally as well. We feel like a much better person when we exercise and that’s why you should get your kids to do it too. It can increase their chances of performing better in academics.

It’s Healthy


Exercising early and in general will help your child maintain a healthy body weight temporarily and for the future. It can also prevent any heart diseases and cancer. Lastly, your child will be more fit and athletic through exercising.

Improves Bones


As we get older we have a higher chance of getting arthritis due to lack of calcium. However, exercising helps improve our bones by strengthening them. When we exercise, our bones are training themselves to support the weight of our bodies.

Develops Healthy Habits


If your kids exercise at a young age, then they will most likely exercise when they get older. So get out there and get your kids to exercise so that they will do it for the rest of their lives.



  • George Medina says:

    SO CUTE :D

  • Joshua says:

    My baby girl still has her umbilical cord. Should we wait till it falls off to do tummy time?

  • Jaime Mathis says:

    Very helpful

  • Bonnie says:

    excellent tips!

  • Cindy Jenkins says:

    nice thank you for sharing

  • Maria Robbins says:

    Thanks I appreciate it

  • Agnes C says:

    Thank you for this tips!

  • Kristen Howard says:


  • Mary Russell says:

    Love sooo sweet

  • Laura S says:

    I think it’s great to take care of your little baby. I have one. It’s nice to be a good parent. But, after listening to all this constant education on how to care for an infant, it becomes so maddening. This, to me, is another example of how Americans are being dumbed down to believing that they need to get instruction on being a perfect parent. This is why kids grow up to become people who feel entitled to everything. Let your little kid just be. Give it love, feed it, keep it safe and just let go parents!!!! It is sickening to hear all these parents who have NO sense of who they are and decide that they need to control the baby to find themselves. Somehow, people just intuitively know how to care for a baby. Then, as soon as the baby is old enough, the mother is going back to work, abandoning the baby to some pre school establishment that now teaches the child what is right/wrong.
    It feels alllllllllllllll wrong!!!!! 

  • Jimmie Franklin says:

    ^ While every parent has their own and unique way of raising their kid/s, there are a lot of parents that will need help/tips with how to train the baby’s physical strength, or even just tips on how to connect with them.
    Common sense is something most of us have, apart from religious fanatics, but don’t patronize those that struggle with these things.

  • Carla C says:

    My daughter is 38 weeks and three days and she’s bright eyed and bushy tailed. 8)

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