5 Reasons Why You Should Never Yell At Your Kids

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“STOP DOING THAT NOW!” We tend to use yelling as a tool to stop our kids form whatever their doing. Or sometimes, a few of us will just completely lose our temper and let all hell break lose. But you should never yell at your kids no matter what they do and here’s why.

Doesn’t Change Them


So because your kids will tune you out if you yell at them, it means they won’t listen to a thing you say. What makes you think that they will change their behavior then? Instead talk to them in a strategic manner so they can think about what they did wrong and fix their mistake for the future

Tuned Out


When you yell at your kid quite often, eventually they will tune you out. Your loud voice will get irritating and annoying. No one wants to hear someone scream to the top of their lungs. In fact, every single of use has most likely tuned our parents out before when they yelled at us.

Bad Role Model


Yelling at your kids displays how much of a poor role model you are. It’s extremely easy to influence young children by the actions you commit and the things you say. Avoid yelling because it just proves that you aren’t a good influence. Your children can learn that yelling to stop people can be a good method but it’s not.

Causes dislike


Let’s be honest here, who likes to get yelled at. Absolutely no one does because it lowers our self-esteem and it’s an uncomfortable position to be a victim of yelling. We will even dislike the yeller and this goes the same for kids. Yelling at your kids will cause them to dislike you and you do not want that.

It’s Stressful


Yes misbehaviour should always have a solid consequence but it can’t be yelling. Yelling at your child will cause them to become stress and they can potentially develop mental illness. Don’t sabotage your kid’s health through yelling.



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