5 Reasons Why Your Child Needs To Go Out More

Health Care

As technology is continuously advancing, we now have things like ipads, smart phones, TVs, tablets, laptops and computers. Of course all this stuff can be useful to do research or for entertainment however they prevent our kids from going outside. A majority of kids spend to much time on these devices which can lead to terribly health effects. It’s time to get them outside.

Connects Kids to Nature


Studies show that kids who play outside are definitely more connected to nature. They will have more care for nature as they deeply value it. In a couple of years, the world will need more environmentally friendly people.

Improves Social Skills


When your kids play at the park or playground with other kids, they must interact with each other. This promotes your childs social skills as he’s learning how to communicate with people.

Provides Vitamin D


Having your kids play outside is healthy for them. This is because kids who are outside receive more vitamin D then kids who spend most of their time inside. It’s essential for us to have vitamin D because it helps our body absorb calcium for bone growth

Boosts Attention Span


Research has shown that the greens of nature can play a role on improving a child’s attention span by reducing ADHD. This is highly important as children now days have a short attention span because of technology devices that fry their brains.

There’s Fresh Air Outside


The air outside is always better than air inside unless if you live in a place that is filled with pollution. Bring yourself and your kids outside frequently so that you guys can enjoy the fresh air it has to offer.



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