5 Signs That Tell You It’s Time To Take Your Kid to The Doctor

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People refuse to take their kids to the doctor because either they are too lazy, or simply because they feel like their illness isn’t that serious. However, here are 5 that your kids show and it means you need to take them to the doctor immediately.

Everlasting Symptoms


When your child symptoms won’t go away, then that’s a transparent reason for you to see the doctor. Depending on how severe your child’s cold is, symptoms are only supposed to last 7-14 days. If they continue to get worst after this time span, your child must seek for medical attention.

Unusual Symptoms


Any type of unusual symptoms that you have never dealt with before can lead to an illness you don’t know about. Take your child to the doctor when your gut feeling is telling you something strange is happening.

High fever


Common symptoms your child can have is like, runny nose, sore throat, headaches, fever, migraine and stuff along those lines. If your child has a fever that is way past 120 degrees Fahrenheit, this proves that you should see a doctor.

Difficulties to breathe


If your child is experiencing any type of chest pain in which your child’s breathing is disrupted, you should contact your practitioner and see what’s going on. Worst case scenario, you have to take your child to the hospital.

Difficulties to swallow


Any sickness that affects your child’s ability to swallow is a bad illness that needs to be treated instantly. What can cause your child to not swallow is an agonizing sore throat.



  • Tracy Frank says:

    I had pneumonia when I was in year one and I missed two months of school.

  • Flora Patterson says:

    I have dioria for 18hrs

  • Stewart says:

    My tonsils are extremely weird shaped kinda bumpy. They hurt even more than strep does but I dont know if it’s just a sore throat or something extremely rare that I haven’t heard of. Someone please tell me if i should go in or even get them removed. I would love to hear from a someone with med school experience or someone that already went in for the same thing and what they had to do. Thanks!

  • Fernando Walsh says:

    I had an earache that made me cry and I never went to the doctor and I was 10 or 11

  • Kelly Lambert says:

    When I was a child I had ear infections a lot. They were horrible.

  • Miranda D says:

    Also from expierience a late sign of pheumonia you also cough nonstop

  • Kevin says:

    When I was little, on my bday my ear was hurting but I just stayed home

  • Kurt Nichols says:

    a child who is projectile vomiting green fluid needs to be taken immediately and without delay to the auditions of the latest remake of the exorcist….

  • Heidi Dixon says:

    oh my fucking god -.-

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