5 Signs That Your Child is Showing Asthma

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Asthma is a common condition where a person has difficulties in breathing and this illness can usually be caused by allergies. It is quite easy to cure asthma as there are a few remedies that can assist you or your child. It just takes some commitment. Here are 5 signs of asthmas your kids might be showing.

Regular Coughing


If your child constantly coughs especially when exercising, at night or when laughing, it can show that your child can potentially have asthma. However, coughing can be another symptom for colds, influenza, and other types of illnesses as well.



Whenever your child coughs and you hear a little wheezing at the end, there is a good chance he or she might have asthma. Wheezing is one of the most reliable symptoms to determine if a person has asthma.

Difficulty in Breathing


If your child has difficulties in breathing, it is probably due to the causes of asthma, unless if the effects are because of pneumonia. In both situations, you should still take your child to the doctor to get treated immediately.

Shortness of Breath


Every time your child is talking and you notice how he or she loses breath quite fast and easily, there can be a possibility that they have asthma.

Tight Chest


Chest tightness is a symptom of asthma. If your child is feeling any tightness in his or her chest, you should seek for medical attention. Not only can chest tightness lead to asthma but heart issues as well.



  • Clarence Schmidt says:

    Thx idk if i do but i feel like it at gyn it happens to me so i dont really dont know

  • Mack Leonard says:

    Can someone help me,I have struggling breathing all the time but sometimes I get some gasps.I have taken my inhaler but it doesn’t work…I’m not sure if I just got the wrong prescription or if it might be something else,I don’t feel any wheezing but I used to have this really bad chest cough where on occasion I would cough up flem,my breathing is worse at bedtime and sometimes I suddenly jump up and feel as if I can’t breathe even though I can?Someone please help,I had my last checkup 5 months ago and they gave me the inhaler so I have 1 more month but it doesn’t ever get worse,my dad does have really bad athsma though…I am really worried as I am only 11

  • Garry Bryant says:

    If u have terrible breathing is that one I always have terrible breathing and always breathe with my mouth open

  • Kerry French says:

    i cant breathe right now and i have all those symptoms sooo…. uhh ohhh mommmm

  • Annie G says:

    my child might have asthma and it helped me out a lot

  • Sean says:

    can kids get puffers for their asthma?

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