5 Stages of a Toddler’s Phase

Childhood Development

Children grow in a blink of an eye. The toddler phase is when your child is between the ages of 1 to 3. Sometimes time can pass so quickly that you aren’t sure what’s supposed to happen during those two years that your baby is considered a toddler. Here are the 5 stages of the toddler phase.

12 Months


This is the time where you toddler starts learning his/her first words. It’s also their first birthday and they have no idea why you are celebrating. During this time your toddler might also take his/her first steps. Nothing is significant during this stage except their first birthday.

18 Months


During this stage your toddler is very curious and reckless. They go wherever they please and do whatever they want. You’ll need to keep a close supervision on him/her. Also, it is during this time that your toddler begins to understand very simple instructions, don’t bombard them with sentences.

24 Months


This is obviously when your toddler is 2 years old. He/she will be able to speak small sentences but sometimes they might not be able to convey their message properly and will get frustrated. Expect a lot of temper tantrums from your 2 year old toddler. Also they have become even more agile now; they will be constantly running and jumping.

30 Months


During this stage your toddler will start to act more a kid rather than a toddler. He/she will start talking to you instead of just playing all day. Some toddlers will even start to move more like a child instead of a klutzy baby. But that depends if your toddler blooms or not.

36 Months


This is the end of your child’s toddler phase. From here on out they are now considered a child and not a baby. It is also their 3rd birthday. On this last stage, your toddler will definitely be talking a lot. He/she will be very curious and will be able to express their emotions correctly.



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