5 Symptoms That Indicate You Are Ovulating

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Ovulation isn’t as big as a topic compared to the menstruation cycle. However, ovulation is very important if you and your partner are trying to conceive. A woman should constantly track her ovulation along with her period because it would inform her when it is the best time to have sex. But to track ovulation, you will need signs that you are ovulating. Here are 5 symptoms of ovulation.

Higher Sex Drive


When you are ovulating you will have an increase in your sex drive. This means that you will feel horny at times in situations that you won’t normally feel. If you normally have a high sex drive then ovulation can be hard to identify. But for those who have a low sex drive, this is a great way to determine ovulation.

Softer Breast


Breasts are already naturally soft. But when a woman ovulates she will have even softer breasts. Perhaps this isn’t the best way to determine ovulation because most women have soft beasts. But it is a symptom you can definitely look out for.

Enhances Senses


When a woman is ovulating she will have increased senses. She will be able taste things normal people can’t taste. She can also smell weird things that regular people can’t smell. Last but not least, her vision is a little better than what she can normally see. If you feel like you are noticing things that you normally don’t notice then chances are, you are ovulating.

Lower Basal Temperature


Women who are ovulating have a lower basal temperature. Basal temperature is the temperature you have when you wake up. In order to accurately measure your basal temperature you must measure once you wake up. Don’t go to brush your teeth, or wash your face. Compare your readings to your previous readings. If current readings are significantly lower than your previous readings then you are ovulating.

Unusual Cervical Fluids


By unusual cervical fluid I mean unusual compared to your normal cervical fluid. The cervical fluid you are looking for is like egg white discharged from your vagina. This fluid varies from woman to woman but will look the same every month you ovulate. If you also notice that your vagina is wetter than usual then that is also a sign that you are ovulating.



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