5 Things Parents Do That Hurt Their Children

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All of us would like to be great parents. We try our best to not hurt our children but sometimes we can be hurting them while being totally unaware. Here are 5 things parents often do that hurt their children.

Labelling Your Child


In our present society, people are constantly being labelled. It’s important to not label your children because if you do you are locking them down to a specific task they must complete. For example, if you label your child as an athlete he/she will constantly be put under stress in order to live up to your label. When you label children you are indirectly telling them your high expectations from them.

Comparing Your Children to Your Children


This is something I lived with while growing up. Parents who have 2 or more kids often compare their children to each other. When you compare your children you are bragging about one and shaming the other. This can destroy their sibling relationship and you will teach them to always compare to others.

Over Expressing Your Disappointment


Sometimes your children will mess up and you should be there to support them. Sure you might be disappointed but you must also keep in mind that they are also disappointed. You telling then that they’re a disappointment will only add more pressure. Instead you should help them improve and give them words of encouragement.

Giving Constructive Feedback


This one applies to younger children. Young children are supposed to learn by doing, not learn by you telling them exactly what they did wrong. When you constructively critic them they will get overwhelmed and lose self-esteem. Children aren’t adults so they won’t get any motivation from your feedback. Ask them what they did wrong and let them give feedback for themselves.

Using Your Children to Vent Out


I know life can get very stressful and sometimes you just lose it. But taking your frustration on your children is not an excuse. Your children are your treasures of gold and they don’t deserve to be treated like garbage. Always show your children unconditional love and encourage them.



  • Nina Norton says:

    i tryed explain my grandma how to check her mesagges she uses an old phone so i told her to press center key up up center key down center key she still dosen’t know ho do it

  • Sylvester C says:

    I hate it when my parents talk about me and I can here what they are saying.

  • Otis Hall says:

    my mum tells me you should be honored that i picked you out of ypur siblings to get smth??

  • Lloyd West says:

    When your parents do all of these and you’re just nodding at every single one

  • Michele W says:

    My dad will be downstairs in his bedroom with the dog on the bed, and he’ll call for me to come down but refuses to tell me why, so I do. Then, he asks me to put the dog down off the bed. He was with the dog, and I was on a complete different floor

  • Rogelio Aguilar says:

    when your friends say your parents are cool try living with them but i still luv them

  • Rosa Carpenter says:

    My grandma has Facebook and Instagram like what the heck?!?!???

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