5 Things Parents Do That Cause Their Children to Secretly Cry

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As a parent it’s very heartbreaking to know that you caused your children to cry. Sometimes our life just gets so busy we forget that our children can feel emotions. Here are 5 things parents do that cause their children to secretly cry.

You Allow Them to See Disturbing News


Children are the most innocent and purest beings on this earth. Any traumatizing events you show them can really put the scare to them. For example, if you show them that a there is a tornado warning near your area then you will make them frightened at night when they are sleeping. When children are frightened they cry and cry until they fall asleep.

You Argue With Your Spouse


Every child wants to be a part of a perfect family where everyone is happy. If your child is constantly seeing you and your spouse fight then you are destroying their dreams. You and your spouse will literally show them that the family is being ripped apart by the two of you. At night they will secretly cry because you and your spouse is too busy arguing with each other instead of paying attention to your child.

You and Your Spouse Divorce Each Other


This is even worse than arguing with your spouse. When you divorce your spouse you end the dreams of your child. The perfect family that he/she had is now completely gone. A divorce forces your child to come out of their childhood. There are some divorces that need to happen but most of the time it’s not worth it because you’ll make you child upset for the years to come.

You Physically Abuse Your Children


Under no circumstances should a child ever be hit. I guarantee that when you hit a child they will cry immediately but they will also cry secretly. This is because when you hit a child you will confuse them and they will wonder why they deserve to be hit. You will teach them that violence is the best solution which isn’t true at all.

You Verbally Harass Your Children


They say sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me. This is quote is completely false because words do hurt. That’s the reason why there is something called verbal bullying. When you call your kids insulting names right in front of them, you are telling them that you are disappointed in them. They will think they are a failure and will end up secretly crying.



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