5 Things To Never Do When You’re Pregnant

Childhood Development

During your pregnancy, you must always be careful of what you do so you don’t harm the fetus and yourself. But there are also things we should avoid to maintain a healthy fetus and its growth.

Smoke cigarettes


Smoking during pregnancy is awfully harmful for the fetus. It causes premature delivery of your baby and he or she will also be weighed less than normal. On top of that, smoking affects the breathing of the fetus. For every cigarette you smoke, the more you risk of harming your baby

Consume alcohol


Studies have shown that drinking alcohol during pregnancy causes numerous negative affects to the baby. Some issues include slow development, difficulties to learn, difficulties in breast feeding and retardation. Although no one has determined how much alcohol is too much that can harm a fetus.

Intense exercise


Even if you love exercising, avoid doing anything that is to intense. Going to hard when exercising causes your fetus to lack intake of oxygen. When this happens, the fetus can potentially suffer brain damage.

Being in hot temperatures


It is highly recommended that you should not take any hot baths or use hot pools and saunas. Studies have shown that being in hot temperatures causes defects to your baby.

Constantly standing


Research has proven that standing for long hours will harm your baby by affecting its growth. Scientist has conducted experiments where they got pregnant women to stand for long hours and as a result, the baby was significantly lighter. It is suggested for pregnant women to spend most of their time lying down or sitting.



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