5 Things To Never Say To Your Kids

Parenting Tips

There are words that we should never mention to our kids because it can hurt their feelings, give them a bad influence or simply the things you say are outdated.

“Practice makes perfect”


This is one of the worst things you can say to your kids. It’s an a old school saying that isn’t realistic and true. Practice doesn’t always make perfect. For example: someone can spend 12 hours practicing and studying for an exam but can still end up getting a 98% which is not perfect. Instead of saying practice makes perfect, say practice makes better.

“Good job”


Yep, giving a compliment like good job can be something bad to say. How? It’s because you make your child feel super proud of themselves even when they put little effort. So the next time when they do something, they can put minimal amount of effort and believe that they did a good job

“I wish you were like your brother/sister”


Never should you ever compare your child to their siblings. It just encourages their jealousy and anger. Just your child be themselves even if they don’t behave as well as their brother or sister. Use other methods to teach them instead of comparing because that won’t help you at all.

“Let me Help”


You remove your child’s level of independences by constantly helping him or her. If your child is struggling to complete a task like homework, don’t jump right in and help. Let them figure it out on their own and if they seriously can’t get the job done, then its okay to help.

“Don’t get into a relationship when you’re too young”


There is no age limit to have a relationship in this world. Society just made it look like you shouldn’t be in a relationship at such a young age. If you’re child seriously likes a person, then give them the privilege to be with them. Just make sure to teach a little bit of sex ed as well and you’re never too young for that too.



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