5 Tips for Traveling While Pregnant

Pregnancy Facts

Normally it’s not recommended to travel when your baby is near the due date because sometimes your baby can come prematurely. There have been ridiculous stories about babies being delivered in restaurants and even in public washrooms. Minimize your risks by staying home so you are close to a local hospital. But if you still insist on travelling while pregnant then here are 5 tips you can use.

Eat Healthy


It’s important to eat healthy, especially if you are out of your home country. This is because you never know what foreign foods contain bacteria that can be harmful to your baby. Try eating foods you are familiar with so you know what’s in it. Always be cautious because you would rather be safe than sorry.

Get What You Need


As a pregnant you have the right to get what you need. If you aren’t feeling comfortable in the plane then you should let the air attendants know. Ask for some more pillows or some help with the luggage. Whatever you need, ask. It’s better that you get help then not get help at all.

Dress Comfortably


Being pregnant is already very uncomfortable because you are carrying a bowling ball for 9 months. However, it can be even worse if you are traveling pregnant and at the same time, unequipped properly. If the destination you are traveling to is a hot place then you need to bring some clothing that won’t trap your body heat. Make sure to also pack so sweaters and jackets if your home country is cold.

Stay Safe


This is probably the most important tip. There is no point of having a baby if you aren’t safe. Make sure the country you go to is safe. Not only that but when you are in a country follow all safety precautions, for example, a ride at an amusement park. Also make sure you keep yourself illness free by constantly washing your hand

Travel By Cruise 


When you’re near your due date then traveling by plane can be really dangerous. This is because once your water breaks you are stuck on the plane and forced to deliver on the plane. However, traveling by cruise will offer so much more space to deliver if it does happen. But if worse come to worse, the crew can get a helicopter for you.



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