5 Tips to Potty-Train Your Toddler

Childhood Development

Potty training your toddler is very beneficial. You get to save diaper money, you get to save diapers and you get total bragging rights that your toddler is potty trained. Here are 5 tips to potty train your toddler.

Give Rewards


Toddlers will do anything if there is a reward. When you offer them a good reward for sitting on the toilet they will happily oblige. You can use this to your advantage by giving them treats when they successful urinate or poo.

Figure Out Why They Won’t Go


Sometimes a toddler just doesn’t want to sit on the toilet because they are scared. It could be the most bizarre reasons but you need to find out what it is. Then you must comfort them. For example, they could be scared of falling in and getting flushed away. Ensure them that they won’t fall in because you’re holding them and they will never be flushed away.

Determine If They Constipate


Sometimes a child isn’t ready to poo because they are constipating. When you notice that their poo is in little pellets then that means they aren’t ready. You need to wait until they are pooing properly. A sign of good bowel movement is when they let out mushy poo.

Giving Words of Encouragement


Words can mean a lot to a toddler. When you tell your toddler that it’s okay and you are there, they will feel safe and at ease. Encourage them to let it out and you are there to support them. Hold their hand if need be.

Have Them Eat Well


When you are feeding your toddler chips, crackers, and nuggets, you are increasing their chances to constipate. Eating such highly processed foods is the source to constipation. Instead you should feed them veggies and fruits. If they don’t eat veggies or fruits, sneak it in their meals.



  • Dawna Gannon says:

    my sons 2 and still isn’t quite at the stage of understanding everything u say fully… so do you think its better to wait until he is fully understanding everything???? he has only just turned 2 a couple of months ago?

  • Willette Shah says:

    how do you potty train a kid? He’s not a dog.

  • Angele Peachey says:

    My daughter its 20 month old shes great doing #2 just fine at the toilet but #1?? She just dont want to do it and alots of accidents ?? she lets me know after ????? today its day2 i dont think shes getting it she gets upset every 15minutes i take it to the toilet ?? im gna keep trying hopefully we have a successful potty training ???? thanks for ur tips

  • Ardelia Sherrill says:

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  • Santa says:

    my whole house is carpet. wish me luck

  • Prince Luce says:

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  • German Nieto says:

    2 year old.. Why so late..? by the time my little brother and I were 18months, my mother had already potty train us.. I was 13 years when my little sister was born and it was about the same age for her.. It’s embarrassing and unacceptable to have your kids wear diapers and not be potty train by the time they can walk.. If a 13 year old can help train a baby to potty train, there is no excuse for any parent to say they can’t.

  • Clemencia Arnett says:

    These are so great. My nephew is about to start potty training so I’m gonna share this with my sister! ?

  • Clemencia Arnett says:

    im a 19 year old guy why am i watching this?

  • Hana Carrington says:

    my son is 1.7 years old.
    He can only say a few words.
    But does not understand much like u said . if i show him some treat he will ask for the one immediately n wont wait for the treat to be offered after the training. Moreover he also dont understand if i tell him its poop u need to go washroom or its pee , m realy helpless guide me

  • Markita Laws says:

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  • Pei S says:

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  • Morton Gossett says:

    its hard my 18 ,months son just cry when he sits he even screams

  • Yoko Merc says:


  • Sina Goldberg says:

    My little sister is 4 years old,has a major speech delay and cant understand simple task or talk and possibly has adhd,any advice

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