5 Tips to Raise A Confident Child

Childhood Development

Confidence is extremely important because it determines how successful and happy you will be in life. We should build confidences in our kids so that they will believe that they can be successful and happy individuals.  There are a variety of ways on how you can build your childs confidence

Allow Mistakes


Kids frequently make mistakes and people say it’s a good opportunity for them to learn. This fact is extremely true. Rather than discouraging your child every time he or she makes a mistake, continue supporting or teach them.

Resist Rescuing


Every time your child is in a predicament, stop yourself from rescuing him or her. Let them figure out how they can solve the issue, no matter how difficult it is. Not only will this help them build confidence but independence as well.  

Let Them Use Their Judgment


Allow your kids to make their own decisions because they will gain confidence in doing so. Obviously do not give too much authority as this will raise a spoiled brat but just give them simple choices. For example: when its snack time, ask them “ would you like to eat a banana for snack or strawberries.



Complimenting is anyone is a good way to boost their confidence and self-esteem. Whenever you notice that your child has done something admirable, give them a solid compliment. However, avoid constant complimenting at times because your child will feel like he or she is doing an excellent job even when putting limited or no effort.

Stop Promoting Perfection


If your child makes mistakes, that’s completely fine. Just let he or she learn from It however avoid constant critiquing. This is because kids are more sensitive so they will take things more personally and it will lower their confidence. Nothing has to be perfect; at least your child is putting effort into improvement.



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