5 Tips to Treat Your Child’s Cold or Flu

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Your toddler is very vulnerable to the common cold or even the seasonal flu. When your toddler is sick it’s your responsibility to treat them. Sometimes taking care of a sick toddler is easier said than done. Here are 5 tips to treat your toddler’s cold/flu.

Let Them Sleep


When your toddler has the cold or the flu it’s important that they rest more than usual. This is because sleeping allows our bodies to focus on itself rather than focus on functioning. Tell your toddler the more they sleep, the faster they will get better.

Get Them Hydrated


Tell your toddler to drink more water in order to flush out the bad germs out of their bodies. Speak in a language that they understand and let them know water will make them feel better. Often time’s toddlers don’t like water so you need to convince them that they need it because they do.

Clear Their Nasal Congestion


They are toddlers; they don’t know how to clear up their stuffy nose. You will need to do it for them. Not with medication and definitely not with your giant fingers. Instead put a humidifier in the room they are in. This will help clear the mucus obstruction. Once you cleared up their nasal pathway, they can breathe and sleep easier.

Reduce Their Coughs


When your toddler coughs his/her body is trying to remove something inside by coughing it out. However, sometimes the coughing gets out of control and it seems like the coughs aren’t helping at all. This is when you need to step in and reduce their coughs. Try giving them some honey to treat their coughing spasms.

Take Them to a Doctor


No one can treat your toddler better than a doctor. When your child is so sick and is showing no signs of recovery then it’s time to see a doctor. They will handle it from there and will decide whether your toddler needs prescription medication or not.



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