5 Tips You Can Use to Help Your Toddler Make Friends

Childhood Development

Everyone needs friends in their life. It’s just not possible to not have any. A toddler should start making friends at a very young age because he/she can build life lasting relationships with their friend. Think about your childhood friend, chances are, you are still very close to the friend you met way back when u were a kid. Help your toddler make friends and here is how.

Plan Playdates


Your toddler is probably not old enough to go to school yet and so you must introduce him/her to other children. When you plan playdates with other toddlers you allow your toddler to experience fun with others. When toddlers have fun with other toddlers, they tend to like each other. Affection and compassions is the foundation of any friendship.



In order for your toddler to make some friends the environment they will be in needs to be prepared. For example, the toys need to be set up, it must be safe, and there must be snacks to reenergize them. If you don’t prepare the environment, the time your toddler spends with other toddlers will be you cleaning up after a big mess.

Schedule Correctly


Toddlers are very fussy when they are tired or hungry. It doesn’t make any sense to plan a playdate when it’s almost time for their afternoon nap. Make sure you plan playdates when they are energized. Nothing good will happen if they are grumpy and won’t appreciate anything.

Teach While They Play


Nothing can be better than teaching your toddler while he/she plays with other toddlers. The chances of toddlers stealing and grabbing toys from each other are very high. You can use this to your advantage by teaching them to share and recognize empathy for each other. When toddlers understand each other they have more affection for each other.

Hide Favorite Things


You toddler probably has no concept of sharing. When he/she sees another toddler with their favorite thing, they will get jealous. Once they are jealous, it’s very hard to get your toddler to like that toddler who has their favorite item. Be smart about this and hide all your toddler’s favorite toys, blankets, or pillows.



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