5 Typical Fertility Mistakes That Women Make

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If you are trying to conceive then it’s absolutely important that you are fertile. However, often times women can and will make mistakes that cause them to be infertile. Here are 5 common fertile mistakes that you should avoid doing if you are trying to conceive.

Not Seeking Treatment


When you are trying to conceive and it doesn’t work after a certain period of time then you should seek treatment. Most couples are too afraid to admit that they are infertile and as a result they end up wasting time to produce a child. The doctor can help you be more fertile so don’t be afraid to get help.

Don’t Miss The Woman’s Fertility Window


When women ovulate they only have 12 to 24 hours to get pregnant before the egg is absorbed back by the body and turned to blood. If you are going to conceive you must track your ovulation to find out the perfect time to have sex. A missed opportunity means that you and your partner will need to wait next month for the next egg.

Don’t Douche


For those who don’t know what douching is, douching is when a woman cleans her vagina internally. When woman douche they change the pH level in their vagina. A normal pH level welcomes sperm and ensures their maximum survivability. A irregular pH level would cause sperm to be in an environment where they die before they reach the egg.

Don’t Have Sex Multiple Times A Day


The more sex you have, the lower the sperm count a man will have. Each time he ejaculates he will release lesser and lesser sperm. This reason for this is because this is a man’s natural body response so that he doesn’t lose all his sperm. Instead of having sex multiple times a day you should have sex every other day to increase the sperm count for each ejaculation.

Don’t Stress


When men and women stress they can mess up their reproductive system. For example, women who stress out would have irregular ovulations and men who stress out would produce less sperm. It’s important for you to relax and just keep going at it. If it’s been a while then you can consider treatment but just make sure you don’t stress.



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