5 Ways To Avoid Raising A Spoiled Child

Parenting Tips

In terms of children love always has its limits. As a parent, we should never over love our kids as it results to spoiling. Instead we must establish rules and consequences to prevent a spoiled brat.

Disappointing is all right


We all hate to see our kids disappointed and sad but sometimes it has to be done. Not only does letting your kids get disappointed prevent spoiling, it also shows that life isn’t always going to be in their favor. There will be times where they will sad.

Never give in


No matter how many times your child pleases you and how many times he or she makes that puppy face, NEVER GIVE IN. If you do, you present to your kids that begging will always eventually work.

Stop handing out money


Stop handing out your kid’s money. Instead make them work for their own money. Have them do chores like washing dishes, cleaning the bathroom, or sweeping the floor for money. Set a fixed pay and stick with it.

Let them spend


Let your own kids spend their own money. It’s completely fine if they do a little bit of impulse spending because in the end it will teach them a good lesson. The only one thing you should never do is to give them your own money when they run out of theirs.

Arrange limits


Always set limits and stick with them. If you tell your kids they are only having one chocolate bar, then they are only having one chocolate bar. It’s that simple. Don’t contradict yourself.



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