5 Ways To Deal With Whining And Complaining

Parenting Tips

It’s inevitable for kids to have a negative whining attitude. We all must have had one when we were younger ourselves. There are different ways to deal with whining and complaining, see what they are.

Switch the Subject


It’s easy to manipulate children and take advantage of them but it’s not always a bad thing. Sometimes we just have to do it so that they can stop misbehaving. A way to deal with whining is to switch the subject to something interesting that your kid is always hyped about.

Change their attitudes


Kids will eventually complain on things like homework and chores. When they start to complain, it will be your job to assist them to increase their motivation. Change their negative attitude to a positive one. Let them know why doing chores and homework is a good thing



When your child is whining and complaining, they are seeking for your attention. The more attention they get the more the feel to whine. One simple way to stop them from whining is by ignoring them. This won’t happen instantly but eventually they will be quite.

Acknowledge Progress


If you realize that your child is making progress to improve his attitude, acknowledge and let him or her know that you are proud. Tell your kid to keep up with the progress. This will motivate your child to continue their amazing progress and understand why he or she should.

Teach kids how to react and respond


Let your kids know that they should always react positively instead of crying and complaining. Whenever your kid is given a specific task they should always respond along the lines of “okay” “Yes” “Sure”, not “ugh”, “again!?.



  • Jinny Darby says:

    But can purpose help the despair of someone with Bipolar? Our moods are almost artificial, and can be affected by anything.

  • Sharilyn Mercier says:

    so awesome!

  • Sherlyn says:

    “Have PURPOSE in your life” 

  • Keitha Winn says:


  • Roxana D says:

    I found the easiest way to get them to stop is to say I want to whine too. And just start whining over stupid things whine “I want a unicorn that farts rainbows” or “I want to swing from a cloud” really stupid stuff like that. Me and my cousin took her daughter’s to the park and we were getting ready to leave when her youngest started whining that she didn’t want to leave, I was tired and so was her mom and it just popped in my head, what would happen if I stated whining at her. So I started, then her mom started, yes we did get looks from people passing by because here was two grown women whining about unicorns and clouds. But it worked, almost immediately, she stopped and looked at us then the people staring and got so embarrassed that she never whined again, we had explained that that’s how we feel when she whined. Plus for some reason it was a great stress reliever and me and my cousin walked away laughing and smiling about it.

  • Daysi Rounds says:

    Wow, The Kids are whining.

  • Pearle V says:

    she wont stop ?

  • Luna Foy says:

    Just spank them.

  • Berenice says:

    Put your kid in a bag and put them in the closet like a weed? ? This old bitch is on some serious ludes. I bet she never had a child her whole life.
    Children whine for a reason. Just like babies cry for a reason. Would you ignore your crying baby that shit in their diaper? What a stupid bitch! DO NOT listen to this psycho.

  • Piedad Blanchard says:

    Wow! Worst advice ever!! Ignore it, and walk away, and than they begin to scream like psychos.
    Clearly this girl doesn’t have kids…

  • Chanda Mccaffrey says:

    Just deal with it

  • Rufina Briseno says:

    Best advice ever!!!

  • Brigid says:

    thank you!

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