5 Ways To Get You Child To Listen

Parenting Tips

“Michael are you listening to what I’m saying.” Sometimes a few of us have trouble getting our child to listen to what we say and it gets annoying but there’s always a reason why. We need to learn how to talk to kids so that they listen

Listen to them


If you choose not to listen to your child, then what makes you think that they want to listen to you? A key component of communication is to negotiate each other. Take turns listening to what your child has to say and when he or she is done, let them know what you have to say.

Avoid Yelling


Sometimes our kids do things that makes incredibly angry to the point where our bloods boil. So we choose to yell at them but this is something we shouldn’t do at all. Yelling at our child just makes them tune us out. Instead, speak in a calm voice.

Have Perspective


To get our kids to listen, we have to think on both ends. This means that instead of just looking at your own point of view, look at theirs too. Sometimes kids do something and they don’t mean it and you have to realize that

Make stronger presences


It’s easy to for kids to ignore what we parents have to say and it could be because our presences aren’t strong enough. So what we have to do is to give them that small physical touch like tapping in order to grab their attention. Or you can also get your child to look at you when you speak.

Make it Brief


We don’t have to spend our time and effort blabbering around about something to our kids. Ninety percent of times, your child will ignore you as your wasting their time as well by saying too much. Just keep it simple, brief and direct. Get to the point immediately.



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