5 Ways to Get Your Child to Drink More Water

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Water is a very essential thing for a child’s health. Especially since they are growing and most of them tend to be very active so it’s important that you keep your kids hydrated. Here are some great ways to get your child to drink more water.

Use a cool cup


Children love it when they are fascinated by things. To get your child to drink more water, use a cup that they find interesting and admire. This will automatically make then thirst for water in the cup.

Tell them the benefits


We all know that it is extremely easy to influence kids. It’s easy to manipulate as well because they believe and listen to whatever we say. Tell your child what the benefits of drinking water. For example “the more water you drink the long you will live”. This will surely get your child sipping on water.

Flavor It


Sometimes we adults and children don’t prefer to drink water because it’s flavorless. So to fix this conflict, add some fruits into your water. This will not only make your water healthier, the water will taste better for your children to drink. What’s better than a win win situation?

Create Fun


A good way to get your children drink water is to create fun into. For example you can make a challenge of who can finish a cup of water first. Then the winner gets a prize. Or you can create funny shapes when freezing water.

Explain The Pee Test


Let your children know that the amount of water they drink corresponds to the color of their pee.” The whiter your pee is the cleaner and less stinky it is. Drink lots of water will help you create white or clear pee.” This is what you need to tell your child.




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