5 Ways To Get Your Child To Stop Hitting And Biting

Childhood Development

Babies and toddlers frequently hit and bite people when their anger emotions have been triggered. It’s a normal mechanism for humans to do this. In fact, almost every single baby has probably hit or bitten their parents before. But there are ways we can prevent this from happening.

Notice Why


Figure out the reason that causes your toddler to hit and bite. Determine what triggers their anger and what makes them aggressive. Once you’ve figured out what it is, try your best to prevent it from happening.

Don’t Yell


Whenever your toddler bites and hits you, avoid yelling at them. They don’t know any better as they are still developing. Instead just strategic talk to them or if they don’t understand languages yet, simply say “no, do not do that please”

Provide Alternatives


If your toddler is constantly biting and hitting you, provide them an alternative for them to lash off those actions. For instance, you can give them a pacifier to suck and bite on, or a toy for them to hit whenever they throw a tantrum.



It is imperative for you to discipline your child whenever he or she starts biting or hitting. You cannot let these types of things pass by. Discipline so that you can prevent this misbehaviour next time.

Display Examples


If your child hits and bites you, there must be a reason as to why. It could be that your child wants to get a toy however he or she is having difficulties in doing so. In this case, show them how they can get it easily as this will prevent them from throwing a tantrum.



  • Clemente Mclean says:

    How can I get my coughing 4 year old son to sleep?

  • Casimira Hester says:

    My child isnt 2 yet and I am having extreme behavior problems with him. He is overwhelming aggressive. He is a happy baby when he gets what he wants but as soon as he doesn’t he gets physical. He will hit and bite you. He will even cause harm to his own body. I’ve tried every method out there and nothing works. We are at the point were no daycare wants him and I avoid going out in public. Please help. 

  • Gregoria Hooper says:

    my daughter thinks its funny. She’s 2.

  • Jona says:

    My son has started throwing tantrums and he has become very short tempered he is two

  • Else says:

    My 15 month hits for fun. Will this work with a child this young?

  • Ashely Nation says:

    Awesome explanations!!! Thank you so much!

  • Lai Lange says:

    good stuff.

  • Marylou Westbrook says:

    it will help me a lot to get my son learn how to better control his behaviour…..

  • Arlie Tenney says:

    Thank you so much! I’m having such a hard time and just turned into doing research. Makes so much sense!! 

  • Leisa Winters says:

    Please help me! My son will be 2 in February. I am experiencing behavior issues with him. He is a happy baby when he gets what he wants but as soon as he doesn’t he will start hitting and will bite. At times he will cause himself pain. I’ve tried every method of discipline possible and nothing seams to work. It has gotten so bad that no daycare wants him and I have avoided going out to public with him. He wants to destroy all his toys and objects. He yells and screams at me when he is mad. I have seriously tried everything. I have went to counselor and pastors and asked for help. Nothing they have said has worked for my child. NOTHING at ALL!! 

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