5 Ways to Improve or Develop Your Toddler’s Cognitive Skills

Childhood Development

Our cognitive skills are very important. It allows us to think, read, write, and reason. You should help improve or develop your toddler’s cognitive skills because it allows them to be on a higher level compared to other toddler’s. The earlier your toddler is exposed to these skills, the smarter he/she will become. Here are 5 ways to improve or develop your toddler’s cognitive skills.



Anyone who reads daily will get a lot of knowledge compared to someone who doesn’t read at all. If your toddler can’t read then you should read to them. A lot of children story books teach life lessons like: sharing, empathy and not discriminating.

Play Activities with Instructions


When you instruct your toddler during games he/she will see the way you think. You can be the role model and show them how a specific game works. By demonstrating your reasoning skills you will be indirectly telling your toddler this is how it’s done.

Teach Shapes & Letters


When you teach your toddler a variety of different shapes and letters you expose them to a lot of new knowledge. Of course this knowledge is taught in schools but it’s better to start early because letters and shapes can allow your toddler to communicate far better than a toddler who doesn’t know his/her shapes and letters.

Teach Color & Numbers


Just like shapes and letters, colors and numbers also allow your toddler to communicate with ease. But also it allows your child to do a lot more thinking at a young age compared to other toddlers. Color can help them memorize certain things like red apples and numbers can help them count certain things.

Teach with Music


Music is a language that everyone understands. This obviously includes toddlers. When you allow your toddler to listen to music he or she will definitely memorize the rhythm and beat causing your toddler to have improved memory. Also music can teach your toddler how to think because most music pieces have lyrics that give a message.



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