5 Ways to Raise A Brilliant Child

Childhood Development

To raise a well behaved, responsible, and independent child, it takes a ton of effort depending on the personality your child has. But one major aspect in raising a child we must consider is perspectives. It’s imperative for parents to look at different point of views when raising a child

Avoid Giving In


Stop yourself from giving in to that little cute puppy y face your child makes when he or she begs. Every time you give in, your child will automatically believe that they can get anything they want by begging. On top of that the more your surrender to begging, the more spoiled your child will become.

Be In Charge


Never let your children manipulate you or tell you what to do. There should always be limits to their authorities.  If you privilege them of too much power, then you’re raising a spoiled brat. Since you’re the parent, you should be the one making calls and demands.

Be A Role Model


One most valuable method to raise a child is to be a good role model. Provide your kid(s) with a bunch of positive influence. Your child learns behaviour, values and knowledge from you. Show that you are a honest, respectful, loving and caring person.  

Provide Knowledge about World Injustices


Teach your kids that there are many people in this world including children who don’t have food to eat, water to drink, shelter to live in, and clothes to wear. They lack the resources we have. By teaching your kids this kind of stuff, it helps make your kids more grateful of what he has.

Praise Efforts


If your child was responsible for doing something that was positive, for example washing the dishes, acknowledge it. We all love compliments and so do children. The more you compliment them the more encouraged they are willing to do it again next time.



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