5 Ways Toddlers Express Their Love

Childhood Development

At a toddler’s age, it can be difficult for them to express how they truly feel. This is why they have so many temper tantrums. Your toddler might not say they love you directly to your face however they can definitely show it. Here are 5 ways toddlers express their love.

Arts & Craft


I’m sure you have had a toddler give you an art piece that they drew. This is their way of telling you that they appreciate you. The ideology is that they love you so much that they will make a piece of art for you. Even though the artwork might just be scribbles the effort is definitely there.

Cuddling & Snuggling


This is a pretty obvious sign that your toddler is fond of you. When your toddler wants to cuddle and snuggle in your arms then that is their action that says they love you. They want to be in no one else’s arms but yours.

They Ask You to Play


Toddlers like to do the most enjoyable activity available to them. If a toddler asks you to play even though there are toys available to them then it means that they enjoy spending time with you. They appreciate you playing with them and that’s why they like you.

They’re Excited When They See You


If your toddler is always excited when you’re around then that’s a very good sign that they love you. Excitement can come in many shapes and forms. For example, let’s say you have just come home from a long day of work and the next thing you know your toddler is screaming and running into your arms.

Bringing Their Stuffed Animals /Blankets Everywhere


This is probably something you didn’t expect but when your toddler is very attached to a stuffed animal/blanket you gave them then it means they love you. The reason why they won’t let go of it is because the animal/blanket gives them a memory of you. When you’re not around they turn to their item and think about you.



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