A Look Inside the Movie Sleeping Beauty


Sleeping Beauty is a Disney movie that is about a Princess name Aurora who gets cursed by the evil witch due to jealousy to die on her 16th birthday. Her guardians help her in breaking the curse and she ends up falling into a deep sleep in which can be fixed with a kiss from Prince Philip. However Philip gets kidnapped by Maleficent and needs to escape to help save Princess Aurora.


Mary Costa
Bill Shirley
Eleanor Audley
Verna Felton
Barbara Luddy
Barbara Jo Allen
Taylor Holmes
Bill Thompson and more

Directed by:

Clyde Geronimi
Les Clark
Eric Larson
Wofgang Reitherman

Age 5+
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  • Shari Hawkins says:

    ah…phillip….the first prince whose name we actually know and who has more than a verse in a disney movie XD (If my mental disney timeline is correct :P)

  • Carlton says:

    The artistic style in this movie was so far ahead of it’s time. It’s a shame that this movie is often overlooked today.

  • Cassandra Harrington says:

    Aurora is sooooooooooooooooo beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Don Montgomery says:

    Aurora is by far the prettiest of the disney princesses, not to mention her singing voice doesn’t bother me the way some of the other ones like Snow White do

  • Marion Warner says:

    wishing they make more animation movies of this style, less CGI

  • Frankie Porter says:

    Sleeping beauty will always be my favourite film and it .

  • Eleanor N says:

    I don’t know what kind of feel this movie has, I can’t exactly pinpoint it but it’s such a beautiful nostalgia. I miss this Disney, the new animation style betrays the classic, old feeling you get from these!

  • Sherman says:

    This movie gives the most nostalgia. I remember watching this as a little girl, now I’m obsessed with it again ? Honestly is magical ?

  • Kelly Wilkins says:

    Aurora is always be my favorite. I mean I like how Mulan, Pocahontas, Beauty and the Beast etc. teach kids good topics but I only feel so close to Aurora and Megara.

  • Rose Logan says:

    These backgrounds are INCREDIBLE. Look at that detail – back when it was all hand-painted! So freaking gorgeous.

  • Katie Bowers says:

    What makes this movie as timeless as it is, is not only the spectacular animation and gorgeous music, but also this film was one of the first to really give all the characters substantial personalities. Watching this movie, it’s surprisingly funny and ahead of its time!

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