A Look Inside the Movie The Lion King


The Lion King is about Simba who is the son of Mufasa who is the king of the jungle as they are lions. Simba is next in line to be the king however, Uncle Scar who wants to be king and is jealous tries to ruin SImba’s chances of being King and tries to get him killed. Simba ends up having to run away and meets friends along the way who are there for him. The story is based on the Shakespeare stories of Hamlet and Richard III. It is a classic Disney story that does have some frightening moments however sends a good message about family and friends and hope.


Matthew Broderick
James Earl Jones
Jeremy Irons
Moira Kelly
Nathan Lane
Ernie Sabella
Robert Guillaume
Rowan Atkinson and more

Directed by:

Roger Allers
Rob Minkoff

Age 6+


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