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23.04.2015 5 Common Cold & Flu Myths You Tell Your Toddler Health Care

You probably grew up having parents telling you why you caught the cold or why you have the flu. However, there are a lot of misconceptions out there about the cold & flu. Chances are you are telling your toddler the exact same thing of why they got sick. Here are 5 common myths about […]

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29.03.2015 5 Ways to Determine Whether Your Toddler Has the Cold or the Flu Health Care

What’s the difference between the common cold and the seasonal flu? Well before you answer that, do you know which one is more serious? Most of the time we tend to associate the cold and flu together because we think they are the same thing. However, this isn’t the case and your toddler can actually […]

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28.02.2015 5 Tips to Treat Your Child’s Cold or Flu Health Care

Your toddler is very vulnerable to the common cold or even the seasonal flu. When your toddler is sick it’s your responsibility to treat them. Sometimes taking care of a sick toddler is easier said than done. Here are 5 tips to treat your toddler’s cold/flu. Let Them Sleep When your toddler has the cold […]

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28.01.2015 5 Tips to Treat Your Toddler’s Chicken Pox Health Care

Chicken pox can affect anyone at any age at anytime. Once you get the chickenpox you should be immune for the rest of your life, unless you have some immunity problems. When the chicken pox strike, you need to be ready to treat it, especially if your child has the pox. Here are 5 tips […]

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21.11.2014 5 Reasons Why Your Toddler Needs Sleep Health Care

We all need sleep. Scientist can’t figure out exactly why we need sleep but they just know we need it. Young children sleep more than adults and older children. This is because toddlers need more sleep than adults and older children. Here are 5 reasons why your toddler needs sleep. Growth Toddlers are growing children. […]

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25.10.2014 5 Reasons Why Parents Don’t Have Their Kids Vaccinated Health Care

Vaccines are probably one of the greatest things that were ever invented. They give us immunity to dangerous diseases and illnesses. However, studies have shown that a lot of parents don’t take their toddlers to get vaccinated. Here are 5 reasons why parents don’t vaccinate their kids. Vaccines Aren’t Effective A lot of parents tend […]

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22.09.2014 5 Vaccines Your Toddler Must Have Health Care

Vaccines are very important for all of us because they allow our immune systems to be immune to certain things without have to contract that disease or illness. Toddlers have weaker immune systems meaning that they are more exposed to diseases and illnesses. Protect your child by getting them vaccinated. Here are 5 vaccines your […]

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24.08.2014 5 Symptoms That If Your Kids Have You Shouldn’t Ignore Health Care

Toddlers are still developing so they can’t always express how they are feeling. When they are sick you need to look at their symptoms and decide what to do. It’s often difficult to determine if it’s the common cold or if it’s something else. When it’s the common cold you don’t need to worry. However, […]

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22.07.2014 5 Great Stomach Ache Remedies for Toddlers Health Care

Stomach aches can come from many sources. They can be food poisoning, indigestion or even a simple cramp. Whatever it is you need to be prepared to treat your toddler’s aches. Here are 5 excellent stomach ache remedies for toddlers. Ginger Ginger has antioxidants that help reduce discomfort in the stomach. Ginger is also very […]

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21.06.2014 5 Steps to Treat a Toddler’s Fever Health Care

If you are new at parenting then chances are you are inexperienced when it comes to taking care of your child while he/she is sick. The worst kind of sickness is probably the fever. Here are 5 steps you can follow to treat your toddler’s fever. Don’t Panic Most parents tend to freak out when […]

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