05.06.2015 A Look Inside the Movie A Bug’s Life Videos

A Bug’s Life is a Disney film about an ant named Flik who is know to mess up things for his colony. Flik goes on an adventure to get fighters to try to save the colony after messing up again by destroying the food storage. It’s a funny and adventurous movie about conquering your fears, […]

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04.05.2015 A Look Inside the Movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Videos

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is a classic Disney movie about a princess named Snow White. The evil queen is jealous of the princess’ beauty and murders her step daughter but finds out that she actually didn’t die but is hiding out in a cottage with seven dwarfs who are miners. The queen attempts […]

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03.04.2015 A Look Inside the Movie Pinocchio Videos

Pinocchio is about Geppetto who is a woodworker who creates Pinocchio. He wishes that he would become a real boy and one day a fairy comes to grant him the wish. However, the innocent Pinocchio becomes manipulated by Honest John who leads him to Pleasure Island which is a sinful place. It’s actually the second […]

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01.03.2015 A Look Inside the Movie ET the Extra Terrestrial Videos

ET the Extra Terrestrial is a classic movie from 1982 about an alien who is gentle and sweet who gets stranded and lost on Earth. Elliott is the main character who introduces the alien to his sisters and brothers and they all work together to keep the alien’s existence a secret to the adults. It […]

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04.02.2015 A Look Inside the Movie The Little Mermaid Videos

The Little Mermaid is a classic Disney film about the main character Ariel who is a mermaid and is really interested in being on land. She meets her prince and falls in love and wants to be on land and makes a deal with Ursula so that she can become a human for a few […]

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03.01.2015 A Look Inside the Movie Elf Videos

Elf is a great movie to watch with the family around the holidays. Buddy a human who was brought up by Santa’s elves is the main character who at the age of 30 realizes that his real father is in New York. So he goes out on an adventure to leave the North Pole to […]

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04.11.2014 A Look Inside the Movie The Wizard of Oz Videos

Watch with the family the classic movie The Wizard of Oz about the fantasy in 1939. It’s about the main character Dorothy Gale who has a best friend name Toto who is a dog and they run away together because of a mean neighbor who wants to put down her dog. They go through a […]

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03.10.2014 A Look Inside the Movie Shrek Videos

Shrek is a great fairy tale about a happily ever after ending about an ogre who is a character that a lot of the other characters see as being a monster. However, he quickly becomes friends with the talking donkey who is relentless in becoming his friend and later they go on adventures and even […]

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01.09.2014 A Look Inside the Movie Mary Poppins Videos

Mary Poppins is a classic taken place in Britain in 1910 of family who looks for a nanny for their children Michael and Jane. Mary Poppins comes in as a great nanny as her and the kids go on adventures. Because of her caring but firm disciplining ways, the whole family learns to appreciate each […]

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04.08.2014 A Look Inside the Movie The Lion King Videos

The Lion King is about Simba who is the son of Mufasa who is the king of the jungle as they are lions. Simba is next in line to be the king however, Uncle Scar who wants to be king and is jealous tries to ruin SImba’s chances of being King and tries to get […]

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