Most Unpopular Baby Boy Names of 2016

Baby Names

Names that we give our children are like fads. There are some that stay for a lot longer and there are some that just get shafted to the side on the list as new popular names come up. However, at the end of the day every name is beautiful in their own ways and it’s not about the name but the person with the name that matters. With that being said, here are the most unpopular names for baby boys for 2016.

  1. Bertram
  2. Cecil
  3. Clarence
  4. Clive
  5. Cyril
  6. Dean
  7. Dennis
  8. Derek
  9. Duncan
  10. Ernest
  11. Geoffrey
  12. Horace
  13. Leonard
  14. Malcolm
  15. Neville
  16. Nigel
  17. Roy
  18. Wayne



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